Episode 285 – Boring Week, Anne “Tyrrlin” Williams


Apologies for the mic issues in the opening discussion, I have no idea what happened there. This week in our productivity updates we have a normal, not very exciting, and typical week. This is a good thing! We also talk about Ursula’s soon-to-be-updated eyeglasses, Kevin’s hurry-up-and-wait time fillers, an update on our planned trip to HI, and a chicken update. After that, we have a catch-up interview with Anne “Tyrrlin” Williams!

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3 Replies to “Episode 285 – Boring Week, Anne “Tyrrlin” Williams”

  1. Zhana

    Losing flesh to a tuba is not boring. I don’t wish for further dent ball dumbass trophies, but I did appreciate hearing the saga behind #2. And I encourage listeners to check out monitaurs when they come back – mine makes me smile all the time.

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