Episode 268 – The Brain does not Brain, Jeffrey Klubeck


What a show we have for you this week! Before Kevin goes in for dental surgery, we talk about our projects and where we are, what it is like when we have a day when our brains do not brain, and how we can’t be 100% all the time. After that we have a fantastic chat with leadership and productivity coach Jeffrey Klubeck!

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Episode 266 – Not much got done, Letters


Hi Folks! After a three day weekend (four, in Kevin’s case) there really isn’t that much to update on our productivity. We do discuss some of the value of that time off, getting some need things taken care of, and a reminder that what we do for work isn’t the only way to measure productivity. After that, we have your letters, including a rebuttal to Ursula’s comments some time ago about otters.

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Episode 265 – All the Medical, Cindy Sperry Redux


This week is beset with medical procedures, so expect some discussion of what we’re having to do to stay healthy – dental issues, probings, and so on. We also have an update on our individual progress, and how being productive doesn’t feel productive to Ursula when her word count is down due to other things needing to get done. After that, we catch up with Cindy Sperry, and find out how her return to the US is going!

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Episode 264 – Kevin and Dino Talk Moving


Have we got a treat for you this week! Yeah, OK, five hours, it is VERY long, but I promise it is very entertaining. This week, Kevin and Dino talk about moving – something Kevin hasn’t done in YEARS, and something Dino is doing this month. We talk about budgeting, logistics, feeding everyone, and a whole lot more over the course of five hours. Enjoy!

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Episode 260 – Rough Week, Wendy Posillico


It’s been a rough few days, but here we are to talk about how we managed to stay productive this past week! Outpatient procedures, a portion of the ceiling fell in (everyone is fine), and new chicken all contributed to what has been a challenging week for us. After that, we have a great conversation with Wendy Posillico about how she stays productive!

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