Episode 85 – Event Planning, Anne “Tyrrlin” Williams

This week we talk about the things that go into planning and running a conference, and the things lots of us don’t think about when we attend or staff one. There is also a review of some new products, talk about our upcoming China trip, and a new bundle that’s out now. Finally, we talk to Anne “Tyrrlin” Williams about how she stays productive!

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  1. Patricia

    I’m listening halfway to the episode so potentially I could be spamming the comment form (sorry!) but I couldn’t help but laugh and cackle evilly at conference planning.

    I used to be a committee member of my country’s largest fan convention and boy was that a crazy thing to be part of. The amount of things that go into planning those was madness, and in some years the planning and execution would begin before the detritus from the previous event had begun.

    Delegation became a key issue towards the end of my time with the committee, as it took us several years to get into a rhythm we could all work with, and whoever followed after we left could. It’s really nice to see everyone take ownership for various sections but trust is really a key thing ahaha.

  2. Vik-Thor Rose

    I tried to find images of the Reverend Mord Moni-taur (or Ursula’s Wombat one) but did not find them on Twitter or Instagram… (Will admit, I could not get back to Dec on Ursula’s…) They do sound neat!

  3. Sharon Gochenour

    [The Huge Binge Listen Series] this is one of my very favorite episodes. I especially love the idea of a screwboard or the equivalent for doing tiny fiddly tasks — it’s sort of like extrapolating from mise-en-place in the kitchen to mise-en-place in craft (craft as in things done by a craftsperson, not arts and crafts.) But, I also love hearing about the specific fiddly bits of an unusual profession, like the screw pins for Pearl flutes.

    This reminds me; I have a dear friend who has worked for ten years at a company which makes pipe organs, and I am hoping she might agree to do an interview with you. She’s explained the details of her work to me many times, but you would probably ask her things I wouldn’t think to.

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