Episode 157 – Busy Weekend, Claire A. Miller Redux


This week we’ll talk about all the things we did this past weekend, including building a new coop and replacing a bed. We also talk about harvesting potatoes briefly, before taking the time to catch up with Claire A Miller!

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  1. cavyherd

    omg ALL the cry-laughing emojis for the Easter eggs! Claire, I’m in love, but not in that creepy Instagram way, more in the waggy-dog-tail “please please please do more Easter Eggs on Productivity Alchemy” way….

  2. Vik-Thor Rose

    *chuckles* at the eastereggs.
    Re: accumulating stuff at work… I have/had a double cubicle @ work, so even more space to accumulate. I’m sure there are books and other stuff there, as well as several packs of Field Notes (I had subscription for awhile, and had them delivered to work). As well as a dual VESA mount for monitors. And a couple of plants that my supervisor has said he is watering… (I was one of the last people working in the office regularly, before starting working from home in early April, but still going in about once a week to water my plants, pick up any mail, etc. Until I was furloughed on 04 May…)
    So, that is about 3 months so far not working. MO was not requiring those on unemployment due to COVID-19 related reasons to do any searching until 05 July, and I wasn’t doing any searching because I was (and am still) hoping to be called back in to work. I’ve talked to my manager, and the GM for the office, and they definitley are wanting me back, just having to go though the higher ups. (OUTFRONT Media, billboard company, formerly CBS Outdoor. International company) I’m in the real estate department Admin Assistant to the Real Estate manager, (who has ADHD himself). I’m the one who normally does all the little things for the department… I’m almost afraid to go back to work at this point… 🙂
    I have an interview for another position on Tuesday, which I have informed Manager and GM of, hoping they can use it as leverage to get me back in. the $600 /week from the CARES act has been very helpful, it actually made my takehome pay (after taxes, wich I had with-held from the unemployment [ask me how I know THAT is a good idea…]) a bit more than what I was making at work. And with fewer expenses, we’ve been saving the extra. Which since today is the last day for the CARES Act additional unemployment, will be helpful. [I was actually planning on working on my comic collection while unemployed, but not got much done…]

    Wow, this has been just a bit rambly for a comment…
    Hope everyone is doing well @ WombatHaus.

  3. Kir Talmage

    I love the phrase “Tiny Mushrooms
    In Heroic Poses” and how Claire recited Jabberwocky during a down moment. Such a delight to add to my morning! Thank you both&

  4. Kir Talmage

    I love the phrase “Tiny Mushrooms
    In Heroic Poses” and how Claire recited “Jabberwocky” during a down moment. Such a delight to add to my morning! Thank you both!

  5. Sharon Gochenour

    Really enjoyed this episode, especially Claire’s way of handing success (i.e. keeping a list of fun and cool things that are just a little too much money or just a little too frivolous to be an everyday enjoyment, and deploying them at will as rewards, while not refraining from daily life pleasures.) I am currently collecting my own list of things and trying to rank them for small, medium, and large successes. I am aces at finding things I would like to spend money on (mostly travel and books), so this should be exciting.

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