Episode 65 – New Boots, Claire A. Miller

In our typical manner, what started as a discussion about what we did this week worked it’s way around to the impact of foot health on our productivity, followed by a discussion of how Ursula isn’t REALLY celebrating the completion of her newest book. After all that, I talk to Claire A. Miller, who is a librarian and crafter, and has some really cool things to share.

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  1. Cori Large

    It didn’t occur to me that there would be a Letters episode so quickly after being surprised by Claire’s interview, or I would have commented sooner. Yes, Kevin, she kept it a secret from me, just like I did to her. It was a lovely surprise to tune into PA and see Claire’s name. I’m proud of her for stepping up and being interviewed. Maybe next year we can doing a double-trouble interview if all of our schedules allow, and see where we are with our systems.

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