Episode 335 – Overwhelmed, Jadzia Axelrod


CW: Cancer

Hi folks! This week we’ll catch up on Kevin’s feelings of being overwhelmed, Ursula’s recovery and new treatment, as well as some live-in-general updates. After that we get to talk to one of our favorite people, Jadzia Axelrod!

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  1. Cavyherd

    At 23:04 you say “There’s a name for that….” In NLP, we call that an “anchor,” which is a sensory cue (or set of sensory cues) that evoke an experiential state. (Trauma triggers are a subset of this phenomenon, but there is a whole constellation of related phenomena.) I was kind of squeeing as Jadzia was describing her process around these cues, because it’s a really powerful technique that has all kinds of cool applications if you know that this thing exists. The cool thing is you can use a cue in any sensory system (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) as an anchor, and Jadzia’s trick of using multiple cues in multiple sensory systems would be incredibly powerful, and an extremely efficient method for invoking, in her example “Writing State.” Use of smell is especially inspired, because of smell’s ability to end-around the conscious mind and directly evoke memories and emotional states. Looking at it from the outside, I can almost see her brain loading all of the memories, references, and trains of thought present at the end of her previous writing session.

    You remember that old saying, “If you study high, take the test high”? That.

    (Here’s a website that describes “anchoring” as a deliberate technique: https://inlpcenter.org/nlp-anchoring/) (randomly chosen first hit from a web search)

  2. Patricia

    I just wanted to thank Jadzia for asking *that* advice from comic book guy years ago, because it made an impact on me and informed some of my career decisions since, and I have been very grateful for it. And I remember the thread back then – it was instrumental in helping me and my friends break the silence about not talking about our pay.

    Also that routine is very powerful! I’m still at the Best Advice section but I appreciate Jadzia sharing her routine that gets her mind and body prepped for work. Those are some very powerful habits!

    • Patricia

      Also just as an aside: I have met precisely one writer who cannot write with any form of outside stimulus – a rare writer who needs silence to write and let me just say, I am amazed that they exist. But they also have children, so I wonder if it is because they are worried they can’t hear the kids if they have headphones on.

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