Episode 332 – Amazing News, Joel Stevenson


CW: Cancer, Surgery

Hi folks! WE HAVE AMAZING NEWS and if you didn’t already see it on social media, here is is now: Ursula is CANCER FREE as of Dec 29, 2023. We talk about that, how we are starting out the new year, and how hard it is for Ursula to take it easy and recover. After that, we have a fantastic talk with Joel Stevenson about how he stays productive!

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4 Replies to “Episode 332 – Amazing News, Joel Stevenson”

  1. Rix Scaedu

    Hi, looking at this using an Android phone and the actual recorded episode is not displayed. Just the links and written introduction

  2. Patricia P.

    YAY for being cancer-free! Best news all January. I feel the same like Ursula, learning to lie back and RECOVER is hard, and I know this is a bit late, but recovering _is_ productivity. It’s very much like letting a plant bloom/grow, one can’t hurry it, only let it take its time (for the most part).

    Re: the Marketing cynicism, it’s definitely a mix of building personal and corporate branding. It’s also a very old-school way of trying to gain attention about the value you “bring” to the company—Marketing peeps, and in general, the industry, still requires us to toot our horns _loudly_ to be top of mind for our superiors or even our next jobs. T_T

    With that said, even if they did sign an NDA, the chances are while they are describing the tactics that worked for them, it’s probably not going to be easily transferred to a competitor, simply because there’s almost always specific details they’re leaving out _OR_ if they are savvy enough, there’s enough of a *time* factor that makes it somewhat like lightning can’t strike twice. And even if lightning can strike twice, usually the client has a first-mover advantage anyway.

    Thanks for reading!

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