Episode 278 – Finished Book, Christina Vasilevski


It is the week after the US Thanksgiving Holiday., and despite having JUST had a 4 day weekend, Kevin and Ursula are worn out from their respective tasks. The good news is Ursula finished a book today, and has sent it to her editor, but the bad news is she is too tired to appear this week. The better news is that we have a great talk with Special Guest Christina Vasilevski to make up for the lack of banter!

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  1. cavyherd

    Oh! There’s now a screen with “Forward 30” & “Back 10”! Thank you! I’ve been wanting that for a while, ever since I got used to it on the streaming services. (Especially useful in these days of aging hearing, when I miss a word or three.)

  2. cavyherd

    No comment, just trying to reset my autofill. Sorry for the clutter. (Also, there appear to be a couple of unlabeled ticky boxes below the “details” box, down under “Save my name…”?)

  3. Anna C.

    I’ve been using YNAB for several years now, and like Christina, it’s more valuable to me than my Netflix subscription. It has an app that works great on iOS, and the web interface is platform agnostic. I have no trouble across both Mac and PC devices.

    That being said, if the envelope system doesn’t work for you, and you have figured out how to manage your money and plan for future expenses using some other system, then use that one! I am not diagnosed with ADHD, but I do recognize several markers, especially the object permanence thing. Having specific buckets of money for specific things makes me less likely to overspend on whatever shiny catches my attention in the moment, and I find it tremendously comforting to have a stash of money set aside for the unexpected car or home repair. In the past, I would just look at my bank account or credit card balance and borrow from future me far more than future me could afford.

  4. Kivrin (@occasionalecho)

    Loved the tongue drum tangent in this episode! It became the rabbit hole I didn’t know I needed. The sound takes me into a state analogous to meditation, which, because of ADHD, is tough place to find. I’ve ordered one for myself for Christmas.

    Thank you (and Ursula) for the podcast. I look forward to it every week. The interviews are excellent, and the banter with Ursula is lovely. As the world descends further into chaos, wholesome parasocial relationships have become more valuable. It helps to be reminded that there are others in the world at large who are delightfully nerdy, neurodiverse, and kind. I keep meaning to contact you to offer myself as possible tribute. Now that I’ve typed that, perhaps accountability will be the necessary nudge.

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