Episode 264 – Kevin and Dino Talk Moving


Have we got a treat for you this week! Yeah, OK, five hours, it is VERY long, but I promise it is very entertaining. This week, Kevin and Dino talk about moving – something Kevin hasn’t done in YEARS, and something Dino is doing this month. We talk about budgeting, logistics, feeding everyone, and a whole lot more over the course of five hours. Enjoy!

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One Response to Episode 264 – Kevin and Dino Talk Moving

  1. I’ll never let my family assist me with moving unsupervised ever again. It took so much longer to get my house loaded in and sorted because they disregarded my instructions on how to put stuff in my house- because they knew better (sarcasm)! And they made more work for themselves! Am I still mad about it? absolutely, I am a Scorpio and therefore a great holder of grudges. I could write miles of text on my and my parents’ moves last summer.
    I cannot mix books with other things. I am in charge of moving my library for that exact reason. Nothing but books with the books!