Episode 235 – Take a Snow Day, Sophie Legase


Hi Folks! This week we talk how we took a snow day during the ice event at our house this past weekend. We also discuss how NICE it was, the impact of the ice on the chickens (they stayed in like us!), and the states of our various projects. After that, we have a great talk with game designer and project manager Sophie Legase!

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2 Replies to “Episode 235 – Take a Snow Day, Sophie Legase”

  1. Nancy K

    I still miss Google Reader! Ever since it went away I’ve been using The Old Reader. It has a very similar, no frills, no fuss look and experience. The app is not great, there are loud intrusive ads, but the desktop version is heaven.

  2. Frank

    So I’m listening in the studio this morning, and Ursula is talking about Shaw, who likes to groom Kevin with his teeth, saying, “…he’s not very smart. You know who is very smart?”

    Kevin: “So–”

    My brain: “–fawolf Press!”

    Kevin: “–phie Legase.”

    Y’all have broken me.

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