Episode 202 – All the Warnings, Corey Fisk and Colin Gerbode


This week we talk about the re-opening of Ursula’s favorite coffee shop, how kevin is back in between things, and general updates. We then have an amazing interview with Corey Fisk and Colin Gerbode where we’ll talk about what productivity looks like when the goal is to stay alive.

Content Warning: This week’s episode deals with the reality of living with Multiple Sclerosis, and all that entails.

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3 Replies to “Episode 202 – All the Warnings, Corey Fisk and Colin Gerbode”

  1. Dino

    This was SUCH A GREAT episode! I cackled at multiple points. Also, much love to Corey for giving a shout out to her queerios out here. xoxox

    • dino

      Of course! Whenever people are like “do you have to talk about being gay all the time?” I’m all “Yes. Yes I do.” Also, low-key star struck to have you saying my naaaaameeee. Loved your episode so much, Corey!

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