Episode 159 – Back-to-School Sales, Patricia Pinto


this week, we will talk about the productivity impact the new kittens have had, and then take a bit of a trip down memory lane as Kevin talks about why this is one of his favorite times of the year. After that, we will catch up with Patricia Pinto, and find out how her productivity has changed since the last time we talked.

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4 Replies to “Episode 159 – Back-to-School Sales, Patricia Pinto”

  1. Lila

    I too love back-to-school even when nobody in my family has been in school in years… until now. Now all I can think of is “how many new orphans will there be by Christmas?”

  2. Cori Large

    (Kevin, if you want to save this comment for another month I understand! It’s long.)

    Hi again! I didn’t plan sending another comment/letter, but whatever!

    1. My husband loves carhartt pants! They are his go‐to work pants. We tried the shorts, but found they were cut differently. Very disappointing.

    2. Pork BBQ fan as well, but sorrynotsorry I’m a mustard sauce girl. The vinegar sauce is too acidic for me.

    3. Re not being able to import NesCafe stuff from Asia: I had a similar problem in Itlay. I found a Twinnings Mint Lime tea, which is only available in Italy. I can’t even get it from the Twinnings shop in London. I feel your frustration.

    4. Re a buyer’s inspection for a house: I hope listeners will take the advice to heart about getting their own inspection when buying a house. In a previous life, my husband was a home inspector and several real estate agents refused to work with him because he wouldn’t lie in his reports.

    5. A lifelong Lisa Frank lover here. I raised my free arm when Ursula mentioned it. My other arm was full of baby, who is already 2 months old…how is that possible?

    6. Yay for a new Kevin/Dino episode! Can’t wait!

  3. Star Picucci

    So I’m way behind since not in car as much. But listening to 159 today appraisal (done by bank to determine value of home based on when built, size, materials, comparable sales) is a very different beast than an inspection (checking age and function of the major systems, looking for any damage, items that will need repair, and any code violations). There is also an HOA report if the property is in an HOA which will show any outstanding violations that are required to be fixed. Then there are optional other inspections, roof, insect/termite, radon, platting (physical survey of property lines).

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