Episode 150 – Year 3 Wrap up, Kevin Sonney


So here we are, three years later. This week we’ll discuss how our week has gone productivity-wise, and then dive in to the yearly interview of Kevin conducted by Ursula Vernon (the Wombat Co-Host).

Thank you all for listening for the past three years, for the letters, the interviews, and the support.

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  1. Fence Ecnef

    Thanks for the three years of this podcast. I never thought I’d be so interested in a productivity-related anything before this, but it has given me some great tips.

    In relation to the smart watches, I started out with a Pebble and have since moved to a Polar, both of which are android based and both of which have the “turn off the screen” option. Pebble had wonderful battery life, the Polar I use has only a day but works for me, plus I like the built in fitness plans that come with it, although that is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea 🙂

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