Episode 146 – Chicken Gardens, Brooke “Bo” Bolander


Warning: This week’s topics include the sad fate of Topsy the Elephant, ADHD, Anxiety, and a whole lot of talk about chickens.

Hi folks! This week we talk about the things we are doing in our “not work” times to keep ourselves from losing it while Social Distancing/Quarantining here at home. We talk about the people who are discovering new hobbies, like ours, and the ones who are finding out that gardening or keeping chickens is not for them. We wrap up this week by talking to Brooke “Bo” Bolander, about how she stays productive!

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One Response to Episode 146 – Chicken Gardens, Brooke “Bo” Bolander

  1. Avatar Fence Ecnef
    Fence Ecnef says:

    First off, I loved The Only Harmless Great Thing, such a great read.

    A much more light-hearted take on the Topsy story can be found in Bob’s Burgers, https://bobs-burgers.fandom.com/wiki/Topsy

    Hope everyone is staying safe.