Episode 78 – Anxiety, Nate and Anne Austin

It is the first Episode of 2019! Before I head off to MAGFest for this year, we’ll talk about my anxiety attack earlier today, and in a broader sense how anxiety affects both of us, the roots of it, and societal expectations. After that, we have an amazing interview with Indy Game Developers Nate and Anne Austin!

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  1. Sarah

    Re: heart racing — oh god yes. I have mostly benign arrhythmia and it’s taken me a long time to retrain my brain so that it doesn’t automatically assume a tiger is attacking. Especially since it took almost as long for my cardiologist to give me a straight answer as to whether the heart thing was itself an emergency (they really don’t like telling you *not* to go to the ER if your heart is doing a Thing).

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