Episode 69 – Dogskulls and Servers, Frank Gosar

This week we talk about some goals we have moved forward recently. This included the unexpected need to migrate from one hosting provider to another. We then discuss what to do when something just isn’t working, the joy of throwing things out, and finish the episode by talking to production potter Frank Gosar.

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8 Replies to “Episode 69 – Dogskulls and Servers, Frank Gosar”

  1. Frank Gosar


    Fun episode! Thanks again for the opportunity.

    A few notes on the Program notes:
    (Yep, it’s a list)
    1. It’s Corvallis Fall Festival, not Clay Festival.
    2. Thanks for all the links to Clay Fest, Clayfolk and Wildfire. Could we finish off the set? http://oregonpotters.org for Oregon Potters Association , or ceramicshowcase.com for their show.
    3. You’ve misspelled my name in the tags, is Gosar, not -er.

    Have fun at WindyCon. Wish I could be there.


  2. Erin

    (69, nice)

    I almost want to take up pottery so I can smash my unsuccessful pots, it sounds so damn satisfying. Moving unfinishable fanfics into the Junk folder in my Google drive is just not the same.

    The Storyclock notebook sounds neat, and if you’re willing to ship to Canada I’d like to throw my name in the hat!

  3. Fence Ecnef

    Pretty sure this is the episode where you discussed excel and linking between sheets using a formula. The oh so easy way I do it is by just typing = in the sheet/cell I want the summary to display, then opening the sheet where the info is, and clicking into it. Excel then puts in the formula.

    You can also use it to add figures etc from different sheets by putting in =sum(clickonfirstfigure,clickonsecondfigure,andsoon).

    It is fierce handy

    • Frank Gosar

      Ooh! Thanks, that works great!

      I also found, since I’m copying rows of entries, that if I use this on the first entry, then copy/tab/paste through the rest of the row, it will automatically update the column numbers for me, alleviating the need to keep going back and forth between sheets.

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