Episode 67 – No Wombat, Emily Guyton-Lange

This week, I am flying solo while the Womat co-host heads out to a speaking engagement. We’ll talk a little about what has kept me from being as productive as I’d like this week, some exciting news, and we’ll wrap up by talking to Emily Guyton-Lange.

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3 Replies to “Episode 67 – No Wombat, Emily Guyton-Lange”

  1. Patricia

    Evil request: A list of writers mentioned would be awesome (and thank you for mentioning Ancillary Justice, that reminds me I need to read it!).

    Loved the interview this week, and it is a really nice change of pace.

    I… would like to volunteer myself as tribute. My (dis)organisation method is whatever the company/team is doing. It’s a mixture of keeping email windows open, a keyword search in my head and/or checklist against the software or method we are using in the office. Despite this I think I’m fairly productive most of the time.

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