Episode 15 – Disconnecting, Dylan Wilbanks

This week we will recap the reasons to do an off-site and why it is a good idea to disconnect sometimes. Our Wombat Test Subject speaks to when she is most productive, how Bullet Journals are just not for her, and why almost everyone we know who is in a creative field is running behind right now. Finally, we have a really good (but noisy) interview with freelance UX designer Dylan Wilbanks.

And for the record, I wimped out on harassing the anti-abortion protesters. They just weren’t all that confrontational.

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4 Replies to “Episode 15 – Disconnecting, Dylan Wilbanks”

  1. Alyssa

    I know what it is to have a fraught relationship with NPR. My mom (I wrote in to you about her computer woes once) works at home all day and listens to NPR the entire time and is simultaneously the most informed and the saddest person I know. She’s much better at forecasting political disaster than any pollster; the election did not catch her by surprise at all, just one of her many accurate predictions. I’ll spare you her latest predictions, no one should have to bare so much weight of foreknowing. She told me this weekend that she was going to give up NPR but it didn’t last. I came downstairs yesterday to find her gripping her chest because she thought the coverage of Trump and Manafort’s Ukrainian shenanigans was giving her a heart attack. I’m not any better really. Every time I’ve tried to sleep since Trump’s “calm before the storm” comments I’ve just ended up thinking about nuclear war.

    The great computer hunt of 2017 continues. Mom’s computer stopped letting her update the OS awhile ago, and she hasn’t been able to update Safari and over a year and now she can no longer access her email, so some sort of computer purchase has to be made. She’s considering another Mac mini, even though she hated the previous one, on the basis that at least she won’t have to learn anything new. I will of course support whatever decision she makes. I’m just worried that she’ll still have problems with not being able to send galleries emails they can open, or with uploading files to their websites.

  2. Silver Cat

    So glad I’m not the only ADHD-er who has money disappear. I screwed up my rent the last two months from paying other bills, cuz my rent is the check I write and it hadn’t cleared yet.

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