Episode 242 – Post-Cruise, Letters


We return from the JoCo Cruise! We will tell you all about how great it was, where we went, and what we did. After that, we have a bunch of letters to read!

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  1. Rix Scaedu

    Hello again!

    Re Pokemon Go : I understand that Oricorio’s forms were released by region. The one we have here (eastern Australia) is pink and wears a hula skirt.

    Secondly, I would like to say that anything you and Ursula put in a podcast is more to my taste than the late afternoon/drive time radio shows in my parts. Thank you for the sanity, intelligent content, and amusement!

    My addition to the post-retirement discussion is to comment that it can be hard to decide what productivity should look like. I retired in early 2020 intending to travel for pleasure. (Please take a moment to laugh at this.)

    The advantage was that I didn’t have to negotiate working from home, any portion of my previous four hours a day commute, or deal with my employer while getting radiation and chemotherapy treatment. (I recommend getting the regular recommended screenings – my problem was picked up early enough to be asymptomatic while the doctors were following up on a completely different finding. Everything is now completely negative and, touch wood, will stay that way.)

    However, the questions do arise – What do you want to do? What results do you want to get? Should the results and outcomes be measurable? Should I be using a completely different paradigm for my life after work? (Please note, I do not expect answers, these are just the questions that float around when I consider life, the universe, etc, at the moment.)

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