Episode 238 – Mow the Lawn, Letters


Hi folks! This week we talk about the state of our ruts (or grooves as the case may be) and how nice it is to be in them for a while. We then read your letters, and answer your questions!

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  1. Tango

    For Alex’s question, if they are an iPhone user, I would suggesting moving recurring tasks to the iPhone’s reminders, along with those that might be location triggered. You can enter them manually, or via Siri (“Remind when I get home…” and “Remind me every Day at 9am…”)

  2. caendicott

    Hi Kevin and Ursula,

    In regards to the various episodes where Ursula talks writing:
    Ep. 137 Diagnosis and Process (where Ursula talks her process)
    Ep. 186 Schedule Changes, Letters (Ursula discusses the changes in her publishing schedule and how it affects her.)
    Ep. 187 Book Releases (Ursula answers my question about her publishing schedules)
    Ep. 213 ADHD and Pen Names, Cindy (Ursula answers my misworded Pen Name question; it was not her fault I should have worded it differently)

    I was able to pull these quickly because they’re still downloaded on my phone and I listen to them over and over because I enjoy Ursula talking about her process and answering writing questions. I find it inspiring and hope someday to be half as prolific in self-publishing as her. (This is something I am working towards.)

    Maybe I’ll add it to my Someday / Maybe list to go back and relisten to all Productivity Alchemy episodes and make an Ursula Talks Writing wiki or something.

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