Episode 191 – Chainsaw, Gary Tyrrell


Between the start of Daylight Savings Time here in the US, a weekend spent cutting down trees, and the weather, it has been a challenge this last week being productive, but somehow we managed. Hear all about it before we have a lovely chat with Gary “Fleenguy” Tyrrell about how he stays productive!

Note: Between the recording of this episode and the release, I have decided to no longer support Noodler’s Inks, and will not be linking to them from this point forward.

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Episode 188 – Boring in a Good Way, Heidi Waterhouse


This week the Wombat Co-Host (Ursula Vernon) and I will talk about how life is kind of boring right now, in a good way! Spring is here, there are plants to plant, chickens to prepare for, and words to be written. It sounds SO MUCH more exciting than it is. After that, we have an amazing talk with Heidi Waterhouse about how she stays productive!

CW: Firearms, Hunting, Dissection

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