Episode 7 – ETP, Training, Libby Christensen

This week we start off with a discussion of Coaching and Training, in particular something Kevin did called WoodBadge for the 21st Century from the BSA. Our Wombat Test Subject gets her new assignment, the Emergent Task Planner (ETP) from David Seah. Our interview this week is with Libby Christensen, who uses the ETP and several other techniques to keep herself on track. Continue reading “Episode 7 – ETP, Training, Libby Christensen”

Episode 6 – SMART Goals, Carlota

This week, we’re going to talk to our Wombat Test Subject about the goals she put together over the last week, and discuss creating good goals. She also has a rant, unrelated to her goals! Our interview this week is with our friend Carlota, who organizes several teams inside her organization, and we end with a letter from a listener asking about handling “list anxiety.”

(If the audio on this one is a bit soft, it is due to our new recording equipment, which I am still getting the hang of.)

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Episode 2 – Calenders, Ursula Vernon Interview

This week on Productivity Alchemy, we will check in with our Wombat Test Subject, and discuss how a simple to-do list works for her. We will also look at using a calendar as part of her organization. Our interview this week is with Author, Illustrator, and Test Subject Ursula Vernon, and after that we’ll talk about how you – yes YOU – can earn badges for listening!

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