Episode 41 – Spring, Gardening, Nathaniel Vanderklok

Spring is Springing here in North Carolina, and so we will talk about one of the Wombat Test Subject’s favorite subjects : Gardening. We’ll also talk about how our moods are impacted by the change in season, touch on our urges to clean this Spring, and then wrap it all up with an great talk with our friend Nathaniel Vanderklok!

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Episode 39 – Planner Reviews, Mary Thengvall

One thing I’m learning is that the people who use planners are often as passionate about them as I am. We’ll talk about one such encounter from this past weekend’s travels, as well as review one that the Wombat Test Subject picked up while she was out today. Finally, we’ll wrap things up by talking to the always amazing Mary Thengvall!

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Episode 38 – Overwork, Sarah Wendell

This week, the Wombat Test Subject is away so the Kevin will…well, work. We’ll talk about one of the challenges of not having someone around to remind you to do the simple things like eat and sleep.  And then we’ll have a fantastic talk with Sarah Wendell of “Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.” Apologies for the audio problems in the interview – but at least Sarah came out sounding amazing.

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Episode 35 – Gardening, Archaeology, and Cassandra Khaw

Hi everyone! This week we have an interview with the amazing Cassandra Khaw! Most of the interview, really, as for whatever reason the recording had issues after she answered the Six Questions, and I’m REALLY sad you don’t get to hear that part. We also check in with our Wombat Test Subject, and talk about Sysadmin Archaeology – that is, the practice of uncovering what all the Sysadmins did before you got there.

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Episode 34 – Cleaning up, Kevin Hearne

This week we’ll talk about cleaning up after someone else, that is the situation where you have taken over for someone else and for every thing you get done, you uncover two things that need to be fixed. We’ll also check in with our Wombat Test Subject (author Ursula Vernon), and see if she is back on track. And then we talk with author Kevin Hearne, and find out how he keeps himself organized.

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