Episode 336 – Progress, Letters


CW: Cancer, Chronic Pain

Hi folks! This week we catch up with Ursula on her productivity and recent post-chemo progress and concerns. We also find out how Kevin is doing before we read your letters!

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  1. Tango

    As a person who strongly prefers Outlook to Google, I’d be happy to offer what insight I can on making Outlook work better for the person with Outlook woes. Please drop Kevin a line and he can give you my email. (Or he can just share with you, that’s fine.)

  2. Tango

    Now for the lighthearted bit:

    The discussion of “tornado drills” and bomb threats made me have a flashback to high school.

    It’s the end of first period and the fire alarm goes off. This is unusual timing as our fire drills are usually in the middle of a class. This is important because my first period class was PE that year.

    Many of my classmates were in the middle of getting changed and suddenly we are leaving the building.

    We would eventually learn there was a bomb threat. A student had called it in from a pay phone in the school.

    But we didn’t know that at the time. We just knew we were definitely not having a fire drill because we’d been outside too long.

    What do high schoolers do when stuck outside without their stuff for 2 hours in the mid-1990s?

    It depended on what was around. We weren’t allowed to go down to the football field and sit in the bleachers, so the PE classes found sticks, rocks, and discard cups and played improvised mini golf. Another group played a very, very large game of red rover.

    None of would ever claim that this was a great day in our lives, but it was a memorable one with a positive spin. Cliques and social hierarchy were lost in the name of fighting boredom and for a little while, people felt better.

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