Episode 333 – Another year older, John Diggs


CW: Cancer
Happy Birthday to Kevin! To celebrate, we’re doing….nothing much really. We’ll talk about His productivity, Ursula’s productivity, and some other odds and ends before an exceptional talk with John Diggs about how he stays productive!

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  1. jackelopette

    Since saunas were a… hot topic (oof) in this episode and I appreciated the doctor’s advice in Ursula’s latest, I felt the need to corroborate the benefits of a sauna. I can confirm second-hand that the Finnish military has standard-issue sauna equipment and will in fact ship one out and set it up in the heat of a Baghdad summer. The sauna kit apparently comes with marketing materials from the Finnish tourism board, including an excellent coffee table book full of gorgeous landscape photography. You might have a horrible wartime experience but at least you’ll have a sauna to sweat it out, I guess? It’s an opportunity for comradery and warmth on a number of different scales. The Finnish soldiers have been doing this for quite some time, as in this news article:

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