Episode 286 – Still Adjusting, James Fair


This week we catch up with Ursula on how her glasses and brain meds are going, as well as see where Kevin is on his work. After that we have a lovely chat with James Fair, and find out how he stays productive!

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  1. Kir

    It suddenly— finally — occurred to me (as I listened to this episode)(and I’ve listened to them all) that my goals are often do-a-thing-by-when. I miss the whens often enough, but nowadays I am more likely to just figure out who needs to know and then adjust the time frame.

    I wonder how much of this more relaxed “ok, we can adjust” is growth and how much is having different goals than I used to (ones with more chosen deadlines than utterly missed chances) and how much is middle-aged perspectives on time and importance.


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