Episode 284 – New Glasses, Juli Thompson


Now that I’ve recovered from MAGFest, we’re back with a full discussion of our productivity for the past week, updates on how Ursula’s new glasses and med changeover are going, and what Kevin is doing since his big project at work is on hold. After all that, we have an amazing talk with Juli Thompson about how she stays productive – and as a bonus, a discussion of para-social relationships.

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  1. Anna C.

    Given that eggs are anywhere from $4.50-$10 a dozen right now, depending on where you live and how organic or free-range they are, I’ll bet your neighbors would gladly give you some money for chicken feed in exchange for your bounty.

  2. lookingglasspoets

    Yeesh, new glasses. I didn’t even switch to progressives or anything, last time, but just a slight increase in lens strength, and it already messed with my depth perception. I can only imagine. Starting to suspect I may need readers or progressives, since I find myself needing to take off my glasses lately if I need to thread a needle or something, but I will… put that mess off for as long as I can get away with.

    Meanwhile, I’ve already been enjoying your podcast a while now, for the pets and the chickens and just you guys, but with a recent change in my job, I’ll have to start paying way more attention.

    Going from an X-ray technician who didn’t really need much in the way of planning and organisation (since hospital radiology is just… patient comes in, we do the thing, and hopefully they leave again in one piece) but I’ve agreed to take on the role of overseeing all medical use of radiation for my hospital. New thing, new legal requirement in Belgium (and the EU I believe), and it will take up about 20% of my contractual hours, but it’s a fairly big responsibility. Up till now, I considered myself more of a work horse. A nerdy work horse who writes and poems and stuff but still… Work horse.

    I honestly at this point don’t have a clue how I’m going to manage it. Why did I think a new challenge would be a good thing?

    Anyway. Listening to you has given me hope I may be able to get on top of this. I think. Wish me luck!

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