Episode 281 – Spell Slots, Katie Mazeika


Hi all! This week, we’ll talk about how Kevin has been out of spell slots and why it took almost a week to fix last week’s episode. We also discuss Ursula’s status, the horror movie rewatch we are doing, and have a “guest appearance” by Sergi. After all that, we talk to Katie Mazeika about how she stays productive!

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  1. Dino

    Kevin, the book is Annette Feels Free, not fine.

    This Episode. Was. INCREDIBLE. I loved hearing about Katie’s process, and having her completely nerd out on these historic women who were complete and utter badasses. Like, most of the conversation was engaging and cool, but once she was talking about the subjects of her new books, you could almost see Katie’s face take on this intense look while she’s excitedly sharing all these really cool facts with someone who’s appreciative of the research and work that went into gathering them. I love it when people get to talk about that thing that they love so much and are passionate about. I have quietly been passing along the Annette Kellerman book to parents of young kids that I know, regardless of the gender of the kids, because we should all know about badass ladies of history! I’ve got friends who do synchronized swimming, whom I know would love the Annette Kellerman book to read to their kids.

    Can’t wait for the Beulah Henry book to come out!

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