Episode 280 – Med Changes, Jazzlyn Stone


UPDATED: Fixed the audio edit that had the outro in the middle of the interview.

This week we discuss Ursula’s med changes, and how that is impacting her productivity – which it shouldn’t, since she’s allowing herself to use the adjustment period as “sick time.” After that, we have an awesome talk with Jazzlyn Stone, freelance comics marketer and writer!

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4 Responses to Episode 280 – Med Changes, Jazzlyn Stone

  1. Having trouble with the badge code for this ep.

    • Sorry, I was referring to ep 279 which was what I thought was the most recent ep. I didn’t realize the newest ep (280) had already been posted. Also, I got the code to work; I didn’t hear that it was plural. All set!

  2. The original version of “Quarantine” is a Spanish film called “[REC]”, I believe, and it really is better than the remake.

    I had some problems with the episode about 51 minutes in, when your outro began to play right over Jazmine’s voice. Did I get the wrong download, or something like that?

  3. Kevin, you’ve got an editing error. The outro starts playing over the conversation at around minute 51.