Episode 276 – No More Travel, Rachel Yoder


Hi folks! We’re back this week after Kevin’s last trip for 2022. We’ll talk about the things we got done this past week, hear both of us lose track of the conversation, and find out about Ursula’s most recent weird dream. After that, we have a great interview with long-time listener Rachel Yoder!

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  1. Dino

    100% agreed on keeping certain things on physical notebooks, so that when you need to refer to them, it’s right there in front of you to refer back to. I’ve got a relative who’s going through a pretty complex medical situation. The weird thing is that she used to carry a notebook with her everywhere she goes, so I was like, “how’d you manage to lose that info if it always goes in a notebook?” She gave me a guilty look, and in a really small voice said, “I don’t carry a notebook anymore, because they’ve gotten so expensive.”

    One massive side-eye later, I reminded her that she 100% had access to notebooks that she’s bought as school supplies for the kid, and that there were bound to be empty pages in most, if not all of them. “Oh yeah.” So hopefully, she’s gotten back into the habit.

    Definitely a good reminder that sometimes that physical place to store all your crap is as valuable as the e-note taking devices.

    • Dino

      OH RIGHT almost forgot. I really liked the discussion about the Cradle to Crayons, and how they really only accept donations of items that are in good condition. It’s a good reminder that people in need also deserve to have dignity. Giving them broken toys, expired food, or ripped clothes isn’t doing them any favours. It’s just putting an extra step between you and the trash can. Poor people aren’t your dumping ground, Michael. Nobody wants that ratty old jacket that won’t keep anyone warm, because it’s more hole than jacket. >:(

      Sorry, I get pretty heated about this sort of thing, having been on the receiving end of hand me down clothes when I was a kid.

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