Episode 275 – Post-World Fantasy, Letters


We’re back from World Fantasy Con, and JUST have enough time to read your letters before Kevin heads off to WindyCon! We also talk about why Kevin is celebrating a success, and how he did it, all the things Ursula has caught up on, and updates about the cats, chickens, and some barking from the ever-present hound.

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One Response to Episode 275 – Post-World Fantasy, Letters

  1. My bad for not giving you at least a hint of how to pronounce my name. It is Irish, so the bh makes a v sound
    It is sorta like Durvla
    We also have like a half syllable sound between double consonants, sometimes, but let’s not get into that.

    And because I forgot to say with my last comment Love the show! And am a big fan of Ursula’s books.