Episode 274 – Between Conventions, Scott Gatz


Kevin has just finished up All Things Open 2022, and is off to join Ursula at World Fantasy Con, so there isn’t much of an update this week. So we’ll go right into a fantastic talk with Scott Gatz, and find out how he stays productive!

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  1. Sharon Gochenour

    I really liked this episode! And the point that queer people have been having fulfilling and joyful lives in all kinds of places forever and ever is a solid one. I grew up in western Iowa in the 90s, in a district represented by Steve “I have close personal friendships with Nazis” King, where a noticeable majority of my classmates went to this, that, or the other fundamentalist Christian church, and I still knew of several queer families, including a polyamorous triad, living in my county. The first out trans person I ever met went to my grandma’s (extremely not-fundamentalist) church, also in small-town southern Iowa.

    Obviously that’s a narrative that’s rather complicated by the fact that these are all white people living on Iowa tribal land! But I feel pretty confident that there were queer people in the little town in Shropshire my ancestors came from as well, and some of them definitely had happy lives.

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