Episode 273 – Normal Week, Michael “Blothar” Bishop


This week is one of the few “normal” weeks we get this month, after having a great time at a local Furry Con this past weekend. We’ll talk about what we’re up to, how Kevin is Celebrating Success, and check in with Ursula’s progress. Then we have an AMAZING talk with Dr. Michael Bishop AKA Blothar the Berserker from GWAR!!!!

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3 Replies to “Episode 273 – Normal Week, Michael “Blothar” Bishop”

  1. Sarah

    I had to to pause the episode to write this down “ADHD-it’s kind of like alcoholism – it’s a disease you can get yelled at for having.” What an validating quote.

  2. Dino

    I don’t know how you weren’t squeeeeeeeeing with delight, because Dr. Blothar was an absolute sweetheart. Such a gentle, cool guy. The only reference I had for GWAR was on Empire Records.

    I really enjoyed the discussion about coping with ADHD, especially the “some things, my wife takes care of”. It’s kind of the whole thing about having a spouse: if they’re willing, they can make things hella less hateful for you when you’re trying to navigate the world.

    Also, good lords he is such a hard worker. The schedule is wake up, work, have family time, hang out with wife, then go work until 4 in the morning in the studio. What he mentioned about the key to success is to just keep working struck home for me. It’s true too. The people who have made big impacts on the world are the ones who just said yes to all the opportunities, and kept at it. RuPaul. Joan Rivers. John Waters. They just keep finding new things to do, and put themselves out there.

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