Episode 271 – Unblocked, Letters


This week we’ll give a bit of a chicken update, then discuss our productivity for the week, including Kevin’s code breakthrough and Ursula’s brief periods of productivity. We’ll follow that with your letters!

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  1. Sharon Gochenour

    The Corn Palace is on the way to the Badlands and Custer State Park, both of which are magnificent places to visit!

    Also, if you’re going to go on a cheese tour of Wisconsin, you should really stop at the House on the Rock. I visited it with my dad long before I ever read American Gods, and it was with unspeakable delight that I encountered Neil Gaiman’s extremely accurate description (I don’t think he uses the phrase “haunted as fuck,” but it would be accurate.) I can’t recall if you’ve discussed the House on the Rock before on Productivity Alchemy (or maybe on an episode of KUEC?), but for anyone unfamiliar: imagine taking a tour through a wealthy hoarder’s warehouse complex, nominally arranged as a museum, except nothing has any labels and everything smells like old pizza. You start in his avant-garde home, which is shaped like a spaceship hanging over a cliff and is the most normal part of the attraction. There are many battered cases of self-playing instruments. There are hundreds of dolls and carousel horses. There are small planes. There are cases and cases of incredibly questionable “jewels” which purport to have belonged to various European monarchs. There is, of course, a concession stand, thus the ever-present ghost of pizza. I assume there are human sacrifices being performed somewhere in the building.

    Returning to the issue of moving, books, and boxes: I have two preferred book boxes, one of which is definitely widely avaible. The USPS Large Flat Rate boxes are 12″x12″x5.5.” They fit 10-15 book each and unless your books are made of lead, it is nigh-on impossible to load them so heavily that a person of average upper body strength can’t lift each one comfortably. (It may be technically against the law to pick up flat rate boxes without mailing them, so my official advice is to collect them from friends who get a lot of care packages.) If one is comfortable carrying about 40 lbs., I recommend getting croissant dough boxes from your local Costco. These are the heaviest cardboard of all the baked good supply boxes, often have handles punched out of the short sides, and fit about 30 hardbacks in one. I use these to pack up the book pull at work every week, and they are easy to fill and easy to stack.

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