Episode 269 – Scheduled Panic, Larissa Lichty


We are off to CapClave this weekend, and so we talk about scheduling the pre-con freak out that Ursula has every event. We also talk about asking for help when you need it, and some of Kevin’s current frustrations. After that, we have an amazing talk with Larissa Lichty and find out how she stays productive!

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  1. cavyherd

    This may be outdated by the time you see it, but on the topic of Drinkable Food: if you have a blender: run any canned soup through it to create a puree. The flavors are pre-blended to work in, er, “homogenized” form, and the result is surprisingly yummy. I learned this on the occasion of having three wisdom teeth out all at once: pureed Campbell’s Beef & Bean, for the win!

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