Episode 265 – All the Medical, Cindy Sperry Redux


This week is beset with medical procedures, so expect some discussion of what we’re having to do to stay healthy – dental issues, probings, and so on. We also have an update on our individual progress, and how being productive doesn’t feel productive to Ursula when her word count is down due to other things needing to get done. After that, we catch up with Cindy Sperry, and find out how her return to the US is going!

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2 Replies to “Episode 265 – All the Medical, Cindy Sperry Redux”

  1. jackelopette

    Hello! As this episode aired, we were in the process of receiving our last shipment of goods from storage. So far (knock wood) all three shipments (air, sea, and land/storage) have arrived without major loss. No horrible mold, fire, mouse, flood, or misplacement, and the only casualties have been the IKEA Billy bookcases whose time had come anyway. I am definitely counting myself among the lucky ones.
    The job hunt continues, our son has fully embraced US kindergarten, and our two elderly cats have claimed the best sunbeams in their new domain. We’re all glad to be home again.

  2. Dearbhla

    Someone may already have mentioned this in relation to Apple AirTags and the stalking possibilities. If you have an android you can get an app called AirGuard which runs in the background and scans for AirTags or other Find MyDevice apps that might be tracking you. It was created by part of the Technical University of Darmstadt, Garmany, and is part of a project on privacy and views on tracking. – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.seemoo.at_tracking_detection.release&gl=US

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