Episode 259 – Recovery, Simon Severino


We’re back! Well, mostly, we’re still recovering from COVID, and our energy levels are getting better. So there really is no productivity update from us this week outside of “healing.” But that’s OK! We have an amazing interview with Simon Severino, author of “Strategy Sprints”! Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Episode 259 – Recovery, Simon Severino

  1. Avatar Nancy K
    Nancy K says:

    Audio is slightly out of sync. Kevin responds ahead of Simon and appears to talk over him.

  2. Avatar ksonney
    ksonney says:

    Yeah, the program that is suppose to auto-stitch things together did a TERRIBLE job and I had to do it by hand, and so it is imperfect. I did the best I could, but sometimes it just didn’t sync up.