Episode 247 – No Wombat, Debbie G Redux


Hi folks! Ursula is out of words, so I’m flying solo this week. After a quick introduction, we’ll jump into a catch-up interview with returning guest Debbie G! 

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4 Replies to “Episode 247 – No Wombat, Debbie G Redux”

  1. Selphie Trabia

    To be fair, URGPURG is on hiatus mostly because I’ve been electrocuted, been hit by a bus, fallen down stairs, been thrown off my bicycle onto a hard concrete divider and also my toilet broke.

    So, yeah. Hiatus all round.

    • Dino

      “… and also my toilet broke” is freaking peak 2022, Selphie. Hope you recover quickly. We must catch up later at some point when you’re not in horrible pain.

  2. Dino

    YES YES YES YES! Having Debbie on was such a delight, as always. When Debbie got to the part where she was telling us about how her kids saw her writing in her bullet journal, and now leave little notes in there for her to read, my cold dead heart melted into a puddle of happiness. That is legit the sweetest thing I’ve heard about ever, and I had to pull over to the side of the sidewalk (so as not to annoy the other people walking) to wipe away happy tears. It was SO cute. Great to hear the updates from Debbie. Hopefully Selphie will be back at some point to update about her … eventful year (see above where her body got put through the wringer, and also her toilet broke).

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