Episode 231 – Something, Vera Alcorn


Hi folks! We are back from WorldCon 2021, and we will talk about Ursula’s new awards, her slime mold speech, and getting back to normal after the con. We follow that with an amazing interview with Vera Alcorn, AND and find out how she stays productive!

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3 Responses to Episode 231 – Something, Vera Alcorn

  1. Thank you so much for having me on the show! It was a delight to talk to you and I enjoyed listening to the finished product. I want to clarify that my current to do app is: http://www.ticktick.com Congratulations to Ursula on her awards!!

  2. Vera, thank you so much for the “don’t work harder, work differently” line. I think it’s something my team at work needs to hear, both with how they’ve been performing in many cases and what’s coming.

  3. Avatar MSWexelblat
    MSWexelblat says:

    That’s the Hebrew phrase that Vera listed.

    Also, I think Vera and I should talk. We have very similar treatment philosophy. As a Clinical Social Worker in private practice I have similar work issues as you.