Episode 225 – Holiday Cooking with Dino Sarma


Hi folks! Dino and I sat down to talk about cooking a large meal (particularly around the American Thanksgiving Holiday) for friends, family (by birth or by choice), and others. From planning to shopping to cooking, we’ll talk about it all. Enjoy!

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4 Replies to “Episode 225 – Holiday Cooking with Dino Sarma”

  1. caendicott

    Yay for a Dino episode! I think this is my favorite one so far. My husband and I listened to it while driving to and from our friends’ house in about a hour away. He was laughing and agreeing right along with everything. At one point I looked at him and said, “Now you understand why I love the Dino episodes.”

    Happy Stuff Your Face Day with your blood family or found family!

    Take care, Cori Large

  2. Amber-Gael

    Sometimes when things go wrong, that’s when you have the most fun, or the most touching moments, or make the best memories. My father putting the lacings for my medieval wedding dress “in a safe place” ended up with a hilarious and touching wedding situation. My mother-in-law gave me the lacings to her underdress, friends came up with all sorts of options for replacement lacings (I assume from bags of holding or something???), multiple special people in my life helped lace up the sleeves and bodice with me – and the photographer caught it all too so we have some wonderful, candid, in the moment photo documentation. It’s one of my favourite memories from that day. (We found the lacings about 2 years later, I think, hahaha!)

  3. Y

    Hi Kevin & Dino — Thanks for chatting together again. These cooking chat episodes are always fun for listeners. If you wouldn’t mind suggestions/requests, it would great to hear you two discuss: a) teaching kids/teens to cook so that they have basic skills for surviving on their own; and, b) Dino’s opinions on whether and how much to worry about arsenic in rice and, how best to avoid it if it is a Thing. Thanks for considering and, of course, please feel free to ignore.

    Thanks for keeping going throughout the pandemic, Kevin. Listening to your podcast is a good reminder that it’s possible to be both productive and to forgive yourself when you’re not.

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