Episode 219 – Exercise, Broody Hens, Heather Lowe Redux


CW: Death, Corpses, Funerals, Grief, COVID-19

This week we talk about dealing with the death of a loved one with returning guest Heather Lowe. Before that we’ll discuss Ursula’s new exercise routine, finishing a big project, and Ursula’s new book pre-order.

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2 Replies to “Episode 219 – Exercise, Broody Hens, Heather Lowe Redux”

  1. jackelopette

    I genuinely laughed when I saw the graphic design on this week’s badge. Thanks for a kind, helpful discussion about a tough topic.

  2. Dino

    Really REALLY good discussion about the aftermath of death, which is something that we’ll either deal with, or be the cause of at some point in our lives. There’s so much that you don’t realise you have to deal with when someone dies, and knowing that pretty much mostly preventable (getting documentation sorted, etc) is reassuring. What’s even more reassuring is knowing that somewhere along the line, something will inevitably get fucked up, and you’ll have to jump through hoops to get it sorted.

    Like you both said, “they’re not going to get more dead” is a refrain that is extremely helpful (though somewhat hilarious at that moment when grandpa just kicked the bucket, and everyone’s trying to rush to plan flights at the last minute–he’s dead; no amount of rushing is going to make it less of an issue). Like Heather, I also don’t like to grieve in public. I prefer to do so quietly at home, after everyone’s eaten, and left me in peace to have a reasonably well ordered meltdown, and polish off a pint of ice cream or something. Like Heather, I also cannot help myself from some pretty grim gallows humour both during and after the fact. Making an incentive joke about the very real pain I’m feeling is a way to cut that pain down to size, and give me a moment’s respite with laughter instead of constantly focusing on feeling sad.

    This was a VERY good episode, and I’m so happy that Heather came back on to have this conversation.

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