Episode 217 – Delegate, Jana Axline


This week, we discuss where Ursula (the wombat co-host) has been for the last week and a half, dealing with her new purchase, and how she was able to delegate some things that were just too much for her. Oh, and she got to talk to BROM. After that we have a great conversation with Jana Axline about how she stays productive – and helps others stay productive!

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4 Responses to Episode 217 – Delegate, Jana Axline

  1. Kevin and Ursula, I fully appreciate that you don’t want to stream the D&D games. However I also thoroughly enjoy the highlights that you and other players choose to share on Twitter. Thank you.

  2. The badge code submit box is missing?

  3. Hearing Ursula, someone who’s this respected, talented creator absolutely going bugnuts fangirl over BROM was so adorable, and I wanted to die of cuteness overload. It’s a nice reminder that even really talented people can fangirl out every now and again.

    Jana – I’m also a Mac user. The built in calendar app for Outlook 365 for Mac is actually pretty good, and I use it all the time at work. At home, it’s iCal all the way.