Episode 214 – ADHD and Pen Names, Cindy Sperry


This week we will talk about two longer-form listener requests. First, we’ll talk about setting up a pen name, and how easy it actually is. Second we talk about coping with a partner who has ADHD and some strategies to help yourself. After that we have a wonderful chat with Cindy Sperry, and about how she stays productive!

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2 Responses to Episode 214 – ADHD and Pen Names, Cindy Sperry

  1. Avatar jackelopette
    jackelopette says:

    I suppose I should be proud of the long list of links and tags! Thank you for the fun interview, Kevin!

  2. Avatar Sara Nash
    Sara Nash says:

    Another excellent episode! What was the name of the book that Ursula mentioned about organization and ADHD? Thank you!