Episode 213 – Time and Vision, Althea Walters


Hi folks! First up this week, we’ll discuss how 2021 seems to be moving faster than 2020. After that we check in on our progress for the week, how Ursula’s vision is changing, and how close she is to finishing her next book. After that, we have a talk with Althea Walters and find out how she stays productive!

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3 Replies to “Episode 213 – Time and Vision, Althea Walters”

    • ksonney

      “You know, a lot of MORONS have a Driver’s License, and y’all ain’t no morons, so I don’t know why you did so bad on this test”

      And he pronounced “morons” as “MOE-RONS” to boot. Gotta love a football coach teaching Driver’s Ed…

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