Episode 211 – Vacation, Don Khouri


Hi folks! I’m back from vacation, and so my productivity is pretty easy to report on this week (AKA none, and that’s OK!). Meanwhile Ursula (the Wombat Co-host) has had the never-ending Monday. After that, we’ll chat with Don Khouri about how he stays productive!

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  1. Sharon Gochenour

    Giant, fuck-off headphones are my personal “I’m working” sign while I’m at home (no AC in my house, so sometimes the bedroom is untenable and work is happening at the dining room table.)
    As a millennial, I recommend all millennials watch at least the Thanksgiving episode of WKRP, to deploy later when social glue in the workplace is needed, primarily with a certain demographic who I will not strictly define (but who may overlap with white guys between 45 and 65.) Being able to respond appropriately with “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly” garners truly amazing quantities of goodwill.
    I think it also got pretty hard emotionally to say no during the pandemic. A lot of people became aware how precarious their jobs are, and also how vulnerable and valuable their families and friends are. Especially because this crisis apparently will never have an end date, it’s easy to overextend yourself because everything seems so pressing.

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