Episode 207 – Not a Gift, Letters


This week, we’ll talk about how we were and were not productive this week, as applicable. We also talk about the value (or lack of) feedback, gifts that are actually shackles, and what kind of horror Ursula does not like. And then we’ll read your letters, which is always fun!

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2 Replies to “Episode 207 – Not a Gift, Letters”

  1. Sharon Gochenour

    I am reminded of when my aunt was a small child and would stand in the garden eating tomatoes until the acid caused a red rash across her entire lower face, then be hauled inside claiming she had never seen, smelt, or heard of a tomato.

    I actually am listening to the episodes in ten-block chunks moving backwards, with occasional jumps forward to catch up with new shows. I was an interviewee on episode 88 back in 2019, and I would love to do a follow-up interview if you’re interested! I can talk at some length about trying to stay on top of personal commitments while working at Costco during the pandemic, as well as the new systems I’ve been able to try out since getting my ADHD diagnosis and meds.

    Anyway, thanks for the podcast as always, and say hello to all the animals for me!

  2. MSWexelblat

    RE: Neil Stephenson. Please do not forget The Big U. I went to that school and I’m teaching there now. So many accurate things. To get through Quicksilver I needed an audiobook. That man doesn’t designate who is talking frequently enough that I just lose track. The audiobook was marginally better. But I think I’m done trying to slog through the noise to get to the signal.

    Trans Lifeline is great, another is The Trevor Project. Take a look at their website.

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