Episode 206 – Quick Check in, Gerald Leonard


This week Ursula isn’t feeling well, so we’ll do a quick check-in with Kevin before having an amazing conversation with musician, author, and productivity consultant Gerold Leonard.

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  1. Sharon Gochenour

    I definitely agree that it’s very important to be careful (or at the very least mindful) about one’s self-talk and thoughts, especially around failure.

    I’m not even sure that switching from saying “you fucking moron” to “you silly person” to myself when I make a mistake has helped my well-being by itself, but being able to notice mental tics and correct them quickly is an important mental habit that carries over to avoiding distraction black holes, being careful in my conversations with coworkers and managers, etc.

    • MSWexelblat

      Sharon, This is one of the first tools I teach people. I’m a clinical social worker. You can only make change you can believe so if your language has no room for change your brain isn’t going to believe it.

  2. MSWexelblat

    Kevin, I’m now starting on the great catchup, which I do during tax season as it’s easy for me to listen in the background and play with numbers.

    Your comment about listening to musicians jam is spot on. It was our favorite part of the George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. I have a story about that show to tell you.

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