Episode 205 – Dino Strikes Back Part 2


This week we continue our chat with Dino, including more meal prep discussion, why one chick is named Lucky,

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  1. Neurodivergent Crafter

    Yay, more Dino eps!

    I wanted to repeat what Dino said regarding your show being a platform for discussion on mental health and such – it has been wonderful to hear all these people talk about their journeys, and being able to talk a bit about mine as well. It has surely made this pandemic a lot more bearable!

    Since my interview on ep 180, I have had two major changes in my life – I received a promotion at work – which is still squeaky new! – and I came out as genderfluid/non-binary.

    I am now a lot happier than I have been in many years, and feel more confident too. And while it wasn’t a MAJOR part of the journey, your show and the variety of viewpoints and people you’ve interviewed, as well as following you and Ursula on Twitter, have been a definite help. Knowing that there are others like me and that even those who aren’t like me accept my identities as valid, was a huge help in coming out.

    My next steps are to a) use my new salary to actually BUY A CONDO, something I never thought I’d be in the position to do; and b) restart on my journey for an autism diagnosis. I had tried back in 2018, and ended up with an ADHD dx instead. Now, I don’t deny the ADHD, but I am positive that autism is also a part of what makes me who I am.

    Your talk with Dino just helped me decide that this is a thing I need to do for myself.

    Thanks for everything you do, and pet a chicken for me!


  2. Katherine

    Yessss Ted Lasso!! I watched that with my parents at some point when I was job searching and it was so good (and we’re also so not sports people) and I was very impressed it never hit secondhand embarrassment, which I hate

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