Episode 203 – Getting back out, Letters


This week, we do our weekly productivity check-in, and discuss some of the concerns with going back to things like conventions and concerts. After that, we read from your letters!

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  1. jackelopette

    Thank you for the Neal Stephenson banter! Spouse and I have had this recurring argument before, as we are both big fans. I’m not sure which is worse – the Beethoven/Mozart/LOTR endless-endings or the Stephenson “wait where did the next chapter go?!”

    I also wanted to reiterate my volunteering as interview tribute in case my email got stuck in spam. I’m a military spouse, grad student, parent, and project-manager-on-hiatus while we’re stationed overseas. This podcast has been terribly helpful in 1) learning to re-organize my thoughts outside a typical work environment and 2) letting me listen in on a grownup conversation during these times of COVID lockdown. Thank you.

  2. Sharon Gochenour

    Welp, sorry about the plethora of comments! The ADHD med has not changed the part of my brain that picks a piece of media and goes “THIS IS NOW THE THING WE ARE DOING. FIRE THE FOCUS CANNONS AT THIS THING AND ONLY THIS THING UNTIL THERE IS NO MORE THING.”

    My day job is just nonverbal enough that listening to podcasts and audiobooks has actually become a productivity tool for me. Earbuds give me cover to finish the task I’m working on before stopping to deal with a coworker who is yelling at me to come do this non-urgent task NOW. (The hydrangeas! The hydrangeas!)

    More importantly to me — absorbing a constant flow of other people’s observations and opinions keeps my brain from wandering off and falling into one of the many unhelpful ruts worn in amongst the neurons.

    This is, in short, how I got through seventy episodes of Productivity Alchemy in May.

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