Episode 200 – Four Years, Kevin Sonney


Wow! 200 Episodes over 4 years! We’ll talk some about how it feels to hit episode 200, how things have changed, and why we keep doing the show. We’ll also talk about how our productivity for this week went, in the face of an important loss. We’ll wrap things up with our yearly check in with Kevin Sonney himself, and how he’s staying productive!

Again, Thank you for listening!

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10 Replies to “Episode 200 – Four Years, Kevin Sonney”

  1. Sharon Gochenour

    I am sorry to hear that Ernie is gone. He was a Good Dog.

    As you say, grieving is a skill and you are very good at it, but I still hope that you take some measure of reassurance from the many years of comfort and safety Ernie got to have with you, when comfort and safety are by no means a guarantee for any living being.

    • Sharon Gochenour

      Also, re: “chickens are almost your religion” — the Great Bargain is a religion, over many times and places and for many people!

  2. Sharon Gochenour

    GOOGLE TAKEOUT YOU SAY??? Maybe this is how I can address the gmail inbox where I have emails from 2008 forward stores . . .

  3. Jasmine

    I am so sorry for your loss. No matter how prepared you are, it always comes too soon.
    (Oh, and just Jasmine is fine. I don’t stress about pronunciation)

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